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Using VBA to create a Sales Summary

Good Day,

I want to create a sales summary report with VBA.  Using a simple example, , say I have a table with 3 columns: Fruit, Sales, Year
FRUIT      sales      Yr
Apples      400.06      2005
Apples      560.61      2004
Apples      952.38      2005
Apples      271.07      2003
Banana      630.28      2004
Banana      120.96      2003
Pear      401.17      2005
Pear      354.66      2004

Using an input box, I want  to enter the name of the fruit that I am looking for, the year that I am looking for and then  have code then sum the sales for the fruit and the year. I have attached a sample file with code so far.

Thanks ! :)

Initially, the output can be in a message box( I can move it to a range in the worksheet later).  Please advise.
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