Windows 10 high memory usage not shown in task manager

New Dell Latitude E5450. 4GB of memory.  250 GB Samsung SSD.  Intel I3-5010U.  Here's a screen shot of the task manager.  It says that
77% of the memory is in use but if you add up the different applications and their memory use it comes no where near to 3GB.  What's using all the memory?  Thanks, Altask manager
Alan SilvermanOwnerAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Those are the processes running. You may have other things running.

Open Admin Tools, Resource Monitor and click on the Memory Tab. See what is running there.

Windows 64 with a few things running will hum along happily in about 3.5 GB of memory.

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Most likely it is used for "standby" - that's what gives feeling that Windows 8 and 10 are faster than its predecessors. It is code or data that are not currently in use.
You can check it here:
Task Manager - Performance - Open Resource Monitor - Click on Memory Tab
And you will see something like this
Memory - Standby
You can find more detailed explanation in article - Investigate memory usage.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
See my post above where I posted the same suggestion for Resource Monitor.
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noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
Do you have an integrated video controller on this machine? Along with other processes mentioned such controller can take also amount of RAM.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
I turned off Samsung Magician and it went down from around 77% to 52%.  Still seems there's lots unaccounted for.  Below is output of the adminstrative tools resource monitor.

resource meter
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I see about 2GB above. I cannot see the end of the screen. What total memory are you using?
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
I found a registry change at this web site:

 Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management in the editor.

Find ClearPageFileAtShutDown and change its value to 1.

I did this and memory usage was down to 41% at boot.  Here is the updated screen in two parts with memory going between 43-45%

resource meter 1second half of resource monitor
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
So what do you add up the list to be?  I do not want to add it up for you.

And what is your total memory consumption?  Is there an issue?
noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
For a working system 41% is absolutely normal from 4GB RAM.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
It's running at around 60% now.  The 41% was just after reboot.  Am I looking at commit, working set, sharable or private?  I just did a rough addition of the private and came up with around 1.3 gb.  But it's hard to add because it keeps on changing.  I'm also updating the drivers.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Alan, Open Task Manager, then Performance Tab.

Look at Memory - left side. It will tell you how much memory you are using.

What OS do you have (32-bit or 64-bit)?
What is your total memory used (from the Memory window in Task Manager)?
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Windows 10 64 bit.
I just added up the memory use from the task manager and got 646 MB used.  I think that comes to about 16%,  But the total said 44% of the memory was in use.  44% of 4GB comes to 1.76 GB.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If your Memory Window where I pointed you to says 1.76 GB then (a) your memory usage is lower than normal and (b) you should have zero concerns.

Process in Task Manager will not add up to the total because other applications use memory. Resource Monitor will show you more.

If you need to reconcile it, get a copy of Glary Utilities Pro. That will show you all processes, services and applications.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Just added it again more accurately. I got 670 MB of memory in use or 16.75% of 4GB while the totals at the top say that memory usage is 44%,  So the total at the top doesn't accurately reflect the total of all running programs.  In Windows 7 or XP where you had to say "show processes from all users" I would expect that.  But I think the task manager in Windows 10 shows all the processes up front.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Are you sure you are looking at the correct tab?  My memory usage always shows about 3 plus GB of memory used. Glary Utilities agrees with this.

Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Here are two of the memory percentage readings.  Each time adding up all the individual tasks come to far less than the total memory above.   I'll get the pro version of glary and try it.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am using Windows 10 and you are as well. Can you show MY screen above from YOUR machine. Percentages are not as useful as just the total GB of memory used.

You have 4GB total memory, and you have a 64-bit machine. 77% is just over 3GB which is absolutely normal. No cause for concern.

You are posting percentages from the top of the Processes Tab which is not all that uses memory. Look in the next Tab over (Performance) and tell us the total GB used (look at my picture above).
I am not really sure why you are checking how much memory is in use...
Are we going back to Windows 95, 98, XP, when memory was expensive and Windows was using it in a different fashion?
Windows is currently loading most of the dlls and preparing files for you to load them according to your working habits (prediction algorithm is not perfect). Files are, of course, placed to memory. If free memory is needed Windows can fast flush unused data and create free memory (I am not saying that it does the job perfectly). That is by design - how Windows should use memory - you bought it and operating system should use it if it can help OS to be fast. Just try to do one simple thing. Turn on stopwatch and try to run the same piece of software (Word or something that have a lot of plug-ins). Although you have SSD you should still notice improvement  at least the first few times after program is started.
Most of the programs that are claiming to "return unused memory to you" are just placing data from memory to hard drive (to pagefile), but hard drives are much slower than memory, so in the end you get a slower computer with more free memory. My recommendation would be - don't go for the Pro version of Glary, buy a 4 or 8 GB of memory (depending on how may memory slots that specific model have, and how much you want invest in the upgrade) and forget about it - would be much better solution. As much as I can see - DELL E5450 have 2 memory slots, so it is way much cheaper and cost effective to buy additional RAM instead of buying software. And also, don't worry, as soon as Windows notice that you inserted more RAM - it will start using more memory.
Just look at my screenshot 2.6 GB used, 1.4 GB free and the rest  3.9GB - "standby" - I guess Microsoft programmers know what they are doing. And, also, I hope that they don't think: "I hope I know what I am doing."
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Predrag Jovic,
I’m putting 16GB in the client’s laptop.  That may take care of the problem.  It might not either.  After looking through dozens of web pages I believe that the problem is bad Windows 10 drivers that leak memory.  The problem may also be in Windows 8.1

Adding memory will probably solve the problem in this case. It might not, because if the websites are right, some drivers keep on leaking memory no matter how much memory you put in. 16GB, 32GB….

Total memory in the task manager will also run more than the total of all processes.  Usually 2X.  If they start to run much more, 3X or 4X, there’s a problem.  

If you search on all or some of these words “windows driver kit rammap poolmon findstr”, you’ll run into these problems.

I’ve put the Windows Driver Kit onto some client’s computers and run programs like RAMMAP and poolmon. The problem for me is that these problems are devilishly difficult to shoot.  My profit margin is low.  I can’t afford to sell a client a new Dell Latitude laptop computer (one of the best made on the market) and then spend 20 hours shooting memory problems on that computer.  Do all IT professionals run into these problems?  Or is it how I’m setting up the computers?  I don't just give these computers to clients like Best Buy would. I do a lot of tweaking.  I try to make them the best computers I can give to my clients.

My feeling is that once again I’ve been screwed by Microsoft.  I held off on Windows 10 (just like I warned people against Vista and Windows 8).  I held off and then decided Win 10 was a good deal.  Now I’m eyeball deep in problems.  I ask you other IT professionals, is it me, Microsoft or Dell?  

Do all IT professionals run into these problems?
Yes we do.
My experience would tell you - not to tweak too much. I was doing it too (when I was working with PCs) and as the time went by I was doing less and less tweaking for various reasons (problems I ran into).
I work with much more expensive equipment than laptops and there are memory leaks too, and all that you can imagine (or worse, I am not sure how good is your imagination).
Most of us can talk for a days about sleepless nights, funny problems that we run into (I know I can)... Don't worry, you are not alone in this, we all are alone in this.
When you think that, most likely, you saw it all customers or/and problems will still be able to surprise you.
In one of my previous lives (jobs) one of my customers brought an laptop, when I opened it this was the problem:
 Priceless picture, or at least it has a price of this motherboardThis (by his story) happened when car run into a hole on a road and laptop was attached to Car Power Inverter.
So, try to enjoy IT. There will always be problems, there will always be some solution, even losing money to keep customer satisfied is "normal".
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Alan - a few things.

1. You only in your last post said memory is leaking. How do you know memory is leaking?

2. You have not said in this thread how much memory (Actual GB) you are using. The most I can discern from your percentages is just under 4GB which is completely normal.

3. You do say processes don't add up to 3 GB. Of course not. Again, normal.

4. Can you please (using the method I posted) tell us how much memory (GB not percent) is being used?

5. 16 GB won't help if there is no issue - I have 16 GB on my laptop for virtual machines.

6. My feeling is that once again I’ve been screwed by Microsoft. ... Win 10 was a good deal.  <-- I do not think so. On any OS (Windows 10 included) I do not use more than 4 GB in normal use on a 64-bit machine and that is completely normal.

Do you have a problem?  Is memory begin used up to 100% and then paging?
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Most of us can talk for a days about sleepless nights, funny problems that we run into (I know I can)...

Predrag, you got that right, in spades. Many the long tired nights... but not as long or tiring as when I was debugging operating systems software at IBM.  

1. You only in your last post said memory is leaking. How do you know memory is leaking?

Customer starts out with 40% of 4GB and eventually he gets low memory messages.   That's really the bottom line.  I set up and sell a customer a laptop.  He ports the programs he uses successfully on his Windows 7 machine.  Suddenly after a while he has to stops running programs or shut down the machine.  I just put in 16GB.   That should help me establish if memory usage levels off or will just keep on going.  Or at least give my customer confidence he can use the machine I sold him.

Should I close this problem down now?  I can update it with results if I find something definitive.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It would appear the customer is installing legacy or non-compliant software. I can (and did) run a Windows 7 computer with solid software and keep memory usage constant over a period of years.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Put on the additional memory and the usage seems stable but I'll continue to monitor it and if I get any hard answers I'll update the record.
Thanks to all for your observations,
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to work with you.
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