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Why does this new Anti Virus version of FortiClient cause slowness when operating in our Netscaler Web portal?


We use a free Anti-virus/VPN program called FortiClient at my work.  We actually use a Fortinet 100D firewall so we can VPN into our corporate network from remote locations.  Most of our client devices are using FortiClient version 5.2.3 and our Fortinet has a 5.24 version installed.

Some of our users also connect to Citrix from a Netscaler web portal.  We have Netscaler version 10.5 installed and it is working very well.  It was updated in July 2015.  No problems since we have begun using the web portal.

I noticed that FortiClient version 5.4 was made available and I downloaded it on a test laptop.  The VPN and remote desktop work correctly; but whenever I connect to the Netscaler on this laptop there is significant latency.  Just using explorer and using any program on the Citrix system.  The same slowness is not visible if one connects via VPN and Remote Desktop.  Only when the Netscaler connection is established.  If I log out of the same Netscaler Citrix session and shut down the FortiClient program and then re-launch my Netscaler Citrix session, there is no slowness at all.

I have noticed this problem on 3 different computers/laptops.  2 x Windows 7 Pro 64 bit computer towers and 1 x Windows 8.1 Surface pro. tablet.  The results are exactly the same.  Incidentally if each test computer un-installs the rouge 5.4 version and then installs FortiClient 5.2.3 there is no slowness problem with the Netscaler.

I have run Wireshark and created a log of the events; but, I am not sure what to look at. I am not sure what to look for either and thus far Fortinet Support has not provided any direction.  Any suggestions?
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