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Excel Displaying Error Message !! << Automation Error >> and << Catastrophic Failure >>

Please Help...

Excel gives me the following error:

                     <<  AUTOMATION ERROR
                                   CATASTROPHIC FAILURE >>

I had one file open..and this occurs when I try to open another Excel file i often use.  Both files have VB used for basic functions (printing, reclassification, etc).

Thank You
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Professor J

Propably a reference that is broken/missing
Open the VBA-editor by pressing ALT f11 then Choose Tools | References... and uncheck any reference named ISMISSING.
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Thanks, I've open the VBA Editor, but did not see any "IsMissing" name..

The error froze the computer and and the Excel application.  I had to shutdown and reboot...  but Excel kept locking up.

Any suggestions..?   Thx
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Professor J

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This error happened to me as well and I found the following solution:

- I used Excel 2013
- I had created user defined functions within Excel which used a string as input parameter:

Function ProjectTags(sAcDump As String) As String

- The functions worked just fine before saving the file.
- After closing and re-opening the file Excel showed the automation error and the 'catastrophic failure' message. The Macro Editor jumped to my custom functions.

- When opening, Excel didn't accept the string-parameter in the custom function. After changing this reference to a range-parameter the error was solved:

Function ProjectTags(AcDump As Range) As String

I came to this solution after reading the bottom-reply on this page (

'My head was about to explode, I had the same problem in Excel 2013, my macro worked fine for a few weeks before starting to get the "catastrophic" error. The function I made had a variant parameter for the range of cells and was producing the "catastrophic automation failure" when opening the file, I could still stop the macro and after that the file worked fine which made things even weirder.

After changing the parameters from variant to range it all works fine!

Thank you for posting the solution!.


Hope this helps,

Reg, Nico