SQL select XML data in Oracle that is XML 1.1

Gary Antonellis
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We have data from an external system that is XML 1.1.  When I use Oracle XML functions to select this data I get error in attached screen print, I am using SQL Developer.  Are there other functions I can used for XML 1.1?


SQL Error
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1.1 isn't supported until 12c, where it simply treats it as 1.0

interestingly 12c does not support 2.0.

easiest work around is probably a simple text replace

SELECT xmltype(replace(transaction_data,'version="1.1"','version="1.0"')).extract('OPERA2/IDOC/EDI_DC40/MESTYPE/text()').getStringVal()
  FROM interface_in_queue
 WHERE transaction_name = 'OPERA2' AND queue_id = 130454

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WOrks great!

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