Windows cmd/batch dir command set path as variable

Danny Kon
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This has to work at windows 7 or higher,
I want a cmd/batch wat will do:

set /p ffile=Give the filename
as example calc.exe
find the first directory where i can execute the calc.exe and set this directory to a variable
That i can use "c:\windows\system32\" in a other batch  

Thanks for your help

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This will first try to find the file in the Path, and if not found there, start searching C:. You can pass it the file as command line argument, without an argument it will ask for the file name.
You can add your own code before line 16.
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
if "%~1"=="" (
	set /p FileName=Give the filename:
	if "!FileName!"=="" goto :eof
) else (
	set FileName=%~1
call :Where Folder "%FileName%"
if "%Folder%"=="" (
	echo %FileName% not found.
	exit /b 1
echo Folder: %Folder%

REM ========== Only function after this line! ==========
goto :eof
:Where <Variable> <File>
set %~1=%~dp$PATH:2
if not "!%~1!"=="" goto :eof
echo '%~2' not found in path; searching C: ...
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir /a:-d /s /b "C:\%~2"') do (set %~1=%%~dpa&goto :eof)
set %~1=
goto :eof

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After all these years still here :)

This make me happy 100% perfect

Many thanks


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