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Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client Service problem

I have two customer laptops that have the same problem.

Randomly - every few days - they produce the following error:

Failed connection to Windows Service
Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client Service.
This problem prevent standard users from signing in.
As an administrative user you can review the system event log for details about why the service did not respond.

This affects certain programs. On one laptop, for example, it affects WIndows Live Mail.

Both computers have been updated from WIndows 8 Home to WIndows 10 Home. On one, the problem was occuring on WIndows 8, the other has started after updating to WIndows 10.

I have found that a system restore does the trick for a while but unfortunately the problem then returns.

I have tried some solutions available on the internet which are too long to mention here. They didn't work so, in the end, did a full reset of Windows 10 on both machines.

On one of the laptops the problem has come back. The other hasn't been returned to the customer yet. I haven't, however, experienced any issue although it isn't getting the use it would in situ.

I have tried to see if there is any relationship between the two computers and I can't really see anything. They are different makes of laptops with different anti-virus, email programs, Office programs etc.

They may be running the same drivers for some part of the system but I haven't fully checked this.

Any ideas, solutions etc. would be very much appreciated.
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