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Hi guys,

I want to be able to set up charges for hosting the domain of my clients?

How it works for me is...I registered their domain with my local registrar (just to have that country code at the end of the domain name - good for the business where its from and located) and I told my registrar to point it to my nameservers so i can take full control of the domain (ie: MX records, etc). This of course does not includes website hosting. I do have a packaged for the website hosting. But not for the domain hosting alone.

The reason why i asked is because i have a few clients whom I hosted their domain under my server for email services only (no website hosting agreement, only for email purposes). I hosted their domain for email services (ie: Google Apps or Office 365).

With my registrar there is a fee for hosting the domain which is $35.00 Annual per domain.

Do i still charge my clients for hosting their domain or how do i go about it?

Kindly advise.

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The Domain registration and licensing fee is separate and still needs to be billed to the client as they need to continue to own the domain name.

The name servers, website and DNS entries etc are all separate and that is what you look after.

I would simply pay the domain hosting yourself and then bill the client yourself for this charge.

If thats what you mean?


Yes that is what i meant. The clients pays the domain registrar to have their domain established for $35.00 annually. The domain registrar (ISP) gets more with the website hosting services should the clients decides to have their website hosted with them (ISP). Their charge is $20.00 per 30MB. This is so expensive and low in bandwidth that is why i chose a third party hosting provider (ie: godday, bluehost, ipage, etc) to host my clients websites and domains.

So how do i go about in charging my clients the hosting for the domain ONLY? The domain registrar (ISP) charges us a annual rental fee of $35.00 but at the same time I am hosting their domain for email services (where the clients commit to pay for the email services either to office 365 or google apps)?

That is all i really want to know?

Otherwise, I will host their domain and no charge at all seeing the registrar only charges $35.00 annually for rental of the domain they establishes

Please advise
You just need to split the cost on your billing system surely?

Although it may be easier to do a domain transfer (if you can regarding region) and just bull the client for the entire package?


are you saying to charge them more while hosting their domain on my server?

any figure or idea on how i charge this?

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