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I have outlook 2007 installed on my client computers and the previous administrator has configured the pst files of the users on a network share and now the outlook is taking very long to start and users are complaining of slow access to the file server also. I want to get back the users pst files to their local drives. What is the safest and the most efficient way of moving the pst files from a network location to local drives.
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I'm not aware of a method to force a user to use a PST file on the network share (other than that there's no other location available, such as locking out the hard drives).
If the local drives are accessible, moving the PST file to the local drive is already the most simple method.
After that, start Outlook, and it WILL complain. Obviously, the file isn't where it should be, but with a few mouse clicks pointing to the PST file on the local drive, it will run along happily after a few seconds. After that, Outlook will just keep using that local file.
Now obviously, backing up the PST will be another problem.

Simply copy the PST file to local drive from network drive and point the Outlook to new PST file location. Make sure that Outlook is closed when moving the PST file.

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