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Folder Redirection folders showing as 'My Documents'

Hi Experts,

I have an issue where if I browse to the share that is set up for the folder redirect, a LOT of the folders just show as 'My Documents' as shown on the attachment.

Any ideas?

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Muzafar Momin
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how is ur folder redirection policy configured....?

check who is the owner of my documents ...?
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Folder redirection is configured in Group Policy, See attachment for a screenshot of the GPO Settings. It all works fine, but each individual's folder shows as 'My Documents' rather than the user's username, making it hard to manage.

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Chris H
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Thanks Choward16980,

How can I stop this going forward? Also, any ideas how I could mass remove desktop.ini from a lot of home folders?

My document folders should not be shared.  Otherwise, this wonderful piece of windows functionality will continue to plague your users.  Each user and the admin account should have read/write, everyone else either deny or no rights.  Problem is, if you're the admin, your indexing service will even crawl and locate media since you have overall rights.  It will only affect the admins, but it's pretty annoying.  I actually wrote a script that just ran the following:

echo y | del \\server\usershareroot\* /s

this will nuke all their customizing or view saves.
using windows search find all & delete :)
And there are no concequences?
yes....nothing to worry here
this will nuke all their customizing or view saves.