Changing the look of the form in css.


I am using a html/css form that I have downloaded from here (
I would simply like to add an image to display on the right of the form but I am having real trouble with the CSS.

Here what I have:


And here is what I would really like it to be:
would like this...
please help! :)
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I do not understand your request, your question? ? If you are able to show the page as you would like it in the image "Would-like-this.jpg"  , then you seem like you already have the CSS for that ? ?

Or can you show us in a Code block, where you click on the CODE on the top of the E-E input comment box, and paste in the code you have a problem with? And tell use which CSS sets you do not have correct?
Hi, if you are using Bootstrap
you just need to split the form content to two columns, one for the form and one the image.
This is called nested columns

.col-md-12 (form container)
.col-md-8 .col-md-4 (2 nested columns)
the total need to equal 12
SmashAndGrabAuthor Commented:
hi Slick912,

I just made the screenshot using Paint.  Its not actually how the HTML is.

I have attached the all the files in a zip file attached  very small (6.3kb)
There are 7 different HTML files for their "Forms" in that zip you gave, I do not have the time to sort out the many forms and CSS and then RE-WRITE the form and it's CSS CODE to do the two column layout that you present in your Image. It looks like this is some sort of "Demo" and teaching aid to have people use this .ZIP file code examples to change the HTML and CSS files to make a specific "Form" with form inputs designed for a certain web page-site? ?
Sorry my time is too short to do all this., . . .

Here at experts exchange the experts are suppose to help to correct the Code that the questioners have written , that does not work. The experts are not expected to completely write all the code, and the questioner does nothing in the code write process.

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SmashAndGrabAuthor Commented:
Hi slick812,

I see.  thank you for your advice.
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