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NetApp Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for Site Recover Manager (SRM)

I am receiving the below error in SRM when creating a pair of or single array manager(s). I have tried removing and reinstalling the SRA both 2.1 and 2.1P1 versions with no success. I have a case open with VMware and NetApp but thought I would check with the EE community.

I've verified NetApp options:
options httpd.admin.access legacy
options httpd.admin.enable on

User generated imageError:


VMware responded with this not being their issue so I am waiting to hear from NetApp:

- top line identifies the 'createArrayManager' task
- lines below list the 'CommandFailed' and 'LocalizedAdapterFault'

2016-03-01T14:21:05.286-06:00 [13840 verbose 'DrTask' opID=6d1df1b0] Created VC task ''
2016-03-01T14:21:06.613-06:00 [14388 info 'SraCommand' opID=6d1df1b0] discoverArrays's stdout:
--> 01-03-2016T14:21:05  NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter Version 2.1P1 Build Date 09-26-2014
--> 01-03-2016T14:21:05  Discover Arrays Started
--> 01-03-2016T14:21:05  1
--> 01-03-2016T14:21:06  in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket
--> 01-03-2016T14:21:06  Discover Arrays completed with errors
2016-03-01T14:21:06.613-06:00 [14388 verbose 'SraCommand' opID=6d1df1b0] Stopped listening for updates to file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\vmware-SYSTEM\sra-status-25-229'
2016-03-01T14:21:06.613-06:00 [14388 verbose 'SraCommand' opID=6d1df1b0] Cancelling SRA command timeout
2016-03-01T14:21:06.613-06:00 [14388 info 'SraCommand' opID=6d1df1b0] discoverArrays exited with exit code 0
2016-03-01T14:21:06.613-06:00 [14388 verbose 'SraCommand' opID=6d1df1b0] discoverArrays responded with:
--> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-->   <Response xmlns="">
-->     <Error code="1002" />
-->   </Response>
2016-03-01T14:21:06.617-06:00 [14388 verbose 'Storage' opID=6d1df1b0] XML validation succeeded
2016-03-01T14:21:06.638-06:00 [14388 error 'Storage' opID=6d1df1b0] SRA command discoverArrays failed: ( {
-->    faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
-->    code = "c3554d24-7713-4086-88c8-39f20443c8c5.1002",
-->    msg = "",
--> }
2016-03-01T14:21:06.739-06:00 [14388 verbose 'PropertyProvider' opID=6d1df1b0] RecordOp ASSIGN: info.progress, Applied change to temp map.
2016-03-01T14:21:06.746-06:00 [14560 info 'DrTask' opID=6d1df1b0] Task '' failed with error: ( {
-->    faultCause = ( {
-->       faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
-->       code = "c3554d24-7713-4086-88c8-39f20443c8c5.1002",
-->       msg = "",
-->    },
-->    commandName = "discoverArrays",
-->    msg = ""
--> }

The SRA returned the following error code: 1002.  This code may translate to 'Address of the storage array is not reachable'. However, since this is an SRA-reported error associated with the storage array, please contact NetApp SRA Support and have them identify the cause and provide a resolution to this error.

vCenter 6.1 U1
vSphere ESX 6.1 U1
Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 6.1
NetApp Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) 2.1 and 2,1 P1
NetApp FAS2040 ONTAP 8.1RC2 7-Mode

- NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool shows ONTAP 8.1 as being compatible with SRM 6.1 and SRA 2.1

Anyone have any ideas?
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