MAC RDP into Windows 7

We have a user that uses the Sonicwall Global VPN to  RDP from his MAC book off site into his Windows workstation on site. All of a sudden a few months ago, his connections were sporadically not let him access the remote desktop. We are able to RDP at anytime from another Windows pc however. What could be the issue when going from the MAC RDP AP?

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Are the Windows PCs you're testing offsite or onsite? Can a Mac onsite connect?

What version of Microsoft Remote Desktop are they using? The older version you can download from MS's site, or the newer version from the Mac App Store?

MacBooks can run Windows via Boot Camp. Maybe set him up with that to connect in?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The fact that this is sporadic makes me suspect intermediate hops in the connection and lost packets.  Is the Windows PC at the same location as the Mac?
raffie613Author Commented:
Windows pc is at same remote location as MAC and it connects fine. I read somewhere that the APP should be Microsoft Remote Desktop and not a different Remote Desktop APP found in the Apple store. I will check that.
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Yeah, the one Davis linked to is the official Microsoft Remote Desktop app and is regularly updated.

Prior to the Mac App Store, MS provided the app as a download from their site, but that version hasn't been updated in years:
Also, to add on to Davis's comments about the connection, did anything change with the user in regards to their internet connection? Did they move or change internet providers recently? Are they attempting to connect via mobile broadband (aka cellular, like 4G LTE?). I've encountered issues with RDP connections dropping on less than stable internet connections.
assuming your Firewall isn't blocking ICMP, try pinging the destination PC from the MAC to confirm if there is a connection problem or not.
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