12 Hour Difference in Local time and cisco device

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I have configured my Cisco switch S3850 is getting time from the external NTP Server. After that time on the switch is displaying 12 hrs difference.

How to rectify it to display the correct local time although it is taking from the external ntp server
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Sounds like you are missing a CLOCK TIMEZONE line.

Try adding CLOCK TIMEZONE follows by a zone from the page below:

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If you have devices spread around the globe it is a good practice for monitoring to keep them all in one zone.

Command to manually adjust clock to your timezone is

# clock timezone <zonename> -12                                 <--- or +12 depending on your timezone

<zonename> can be any word you want
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Hi Shamnad,

Try the command on the windows workstation in your local network i.e. tzutil /g to get the local timezone.

Do a #show clock on your switch to get the timezone of the switch.

Based on the above two outputs, configure the timezone accordingly as posted in the links above by our experts.

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