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Richard Korts
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I'm trying to record a macro to simplify some data import steps.

I started Record Macro then did all the other stuff. The attached Word doc has the steps, I'm trying to cover steps 3 through 7 with a macro,

I do the steps, it returns the data to the spreadsheet, then gives the attached Macro Error.jpg

If I then go to the macro and say Run (to do it over), it gives the attached Compile Error.

What's wrong?

How do I fix it?
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As the error message says, the are too many line continuations.
There is no reason for the comma and line continuation between lines, move them to the end of the previous line.
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer


To MacroShadow

This is all generated by MS Query extracting the data from Quick Books; I cannot control that.
No problem, just alter the code. Reducing the comma and line continuations. If you upload the code I'll show you exactly what to do.
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Richard - once you've created the query and followed MacroShadow's advice on getting it going you can save it so you won't hit the same problem every time, the first few steps of the notes will be replaced by the recorded query
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer



I have not abandoned  this post, I have not had time to work on this lately because of other pressing isues.

I will show you the code.

TracyVBA Developer

I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

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Comment #a41489774 #a41489774 is the answer.

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