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knowledge extraction for DB and VBA

We are looking to recruit a university graduate to assist with maintaining monitoring and developing a number of in house applications built based on MSAccess/VBA. it is a fairly junior role, but as I don't work directly with the access/VBA myself, I was wondering if you could assist in pointers for developing a few basic interview questions you'd ask any junior Access/VBA developer/admin - to provide you with some assurance they are right for the opportunity and havent just said they are competent in their application. They don't need to be pitched at level for a senior/experienced developer, but we still need to ensure they have the basics. we have also tasked our other senior  developer to develop some probing questions but Id like to reach out to the experts for some guidance too.

The problem seems to be Access/VBA is not that commonly taught at universities these days, its more common python, ruby, C/C#, oracle, MSSQL etc.
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