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hi Folks
Been experimenting with Waterfall charts (this is Excel 2010) and I'm attaching what I have so far. My question is this
1. How can I move the axis down so that the negative numbers are not overwriting the month names?
2. How can I get the labels to show so that they only show the numbers not 0. I suspect it's an N/A thing but if so, then how do I get the formula to work with that? Thanks as always :-)
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In answer to number 1:

Right click on Axis and Select Format Axis. In the pane that appears to the right of the screen Select the Labels Section, it should expand when you click on it. One of the options is Label Position with Options Next to Axis, High, Low and None. Next to Axis is what you have. High will put the labels at the top of the chart, Low will put them at the bottom. None will obviously get rid of them.

Rob H
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If you want to Show Numbers not Zero  Change the Format to Custom

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Excellent - knew it was something simple I was missing :-)

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