can excel 2016 jump to source rows from a pivot table cell ?

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When viewing a pivot table, I often discover "bugs" in the source data.  For instance pivot summary by part name might reveal that part number 1234 has misspellings of the name.

I have often wanted a "jump to source" feature which allows me to correct the source easily.

Solution #1 is to double clicking on the pivot table cell which creates a nice copy of the source rows.
Unfortunately, to fix the incorrect rows, I still have to jump around quite a bit.

Solution #2 I found PTCellFilterExcelDataSource which has a Demo  that works perfectly - I double click a pivot table cell and I drill down to the source sheet. It is filtered to show only the associated rows.

Unfortunately, PTCellFilterExcelDataSource  is pretty complicated, and too much effort for the quick and dirty projects I usually encounter.

So I wonder if Excel 2016 has finally incorporated a simple "jump to pivot source" procedure?  If so, I think it is time for me to upgrade.

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What you described and your need is not available even with excel 2016

But there is very user friendly workaround using Pivotpal addin

It is cheap and very effective when working with pivot tables.

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