Tools for Network desktop ( Desktops are unable access server by name only by ip )

I need to trouble shoot a network issue at a remote site where i do not have physical access. The owner is not tech savvy . What I will need to understand is the topology of that network .
The issue is that desktops are not able to "see " the server by name . Only by ip address.
Are there any tools you can recommend that will enable me to see what devices are  connected to the network and what ports may be open on the various devices ?
Andre PAsked:
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I use
It is expensive, spiceworks offers a free network monitor but it isn't as full featured. Both would need to be installed on a local server, but can be accessed remotely after install.
Andre PAuthor Commented:
This looks like a great tool but I think it may be overkill . We are talking about a 3-4 person office here .
Way too much for that, you are right. The PStools suite has a ton of useful tools as well.
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Andre PAuthor Commented:
Im looking for something that will say EX:  I have 3 windows 7 machines and a netgear router and a windows 2012 server and 2 HP laserjet x printers on this network .
Sometimes small businesses have people install things and they do not know what they have installed .
I would look at spiceworks, it is a free product that will do that. You can install it on any Windows system or opt for the cloud offering, I have never tried the cloud version, The local version works extremely well.
Do you have a consistent connection to their network, like a point to point vpn or MPLS?
Andre PAuthor Commented:
No . I am being asked to remote in and trouble shoot a problem which is preventing some software from being installed .
It is either a DNS related issue or a routing issue . I just want to make sure I can troubleshoot at each layer if necessary . It may be software related for all I know at this point .
Sounds like fun, it does sound like a DNS issue. I would use spiceworks, you can install, configure and run it remotely, and they have an awesome community to help with it. Good luck.
You could also, on a network that small, just edit the host files on the individual computers if it is a DNS issue, but that would leave a mess for the next person that tries to do anything.

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