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publish outlook anywhere exchange 2013 with 2 factor authentification


to publish outlook anywhere to internet, my security team need 2 factor authentification.

i think its not possible to use a certificate authentification with outlook, so i need to found a technical solution or a commercial product can do 2 factor authentification with outlook.

thanks for help
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You need to find out which type of token you want to use first. You can use certificates, USB sticks, mobile phone sms codes, RSA etc.

Major vendors like RSA, F5 and others have commercial products, but don't expect it to be cheap. In most cases it also requires that you have an internal CA in place, meaning you have to deploy AD Certificate services or something similar.

Some firewall vendors also include some type of web portal publishing that allows you to use 2 factor into the portal (and further on you "publish" OWA to that portal).

Some clues to get you started:
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As xcomiii pointed out the options available.
In your question you made ref. That outlook doesn't do certificate related connection handling.
A certificate based two factor deals with outlook as part of the connection establishing process furnishes a client certificate and then the username/password as the final authentication...
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my question is not for OWA but outlook anywhere, i need to now if any commercial solution exist to do 2 factor authentification with outlook, because outlook not use certificate.
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