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Is there a way to import a "file property" to a list of existing files in a directory, with a csv or txt file?

I have thousands of files that were renamed by bates number and the only way to cross-reference the files to figure out what their "friendly" name is, is through an excel spreadsheet.  I know I can manually add the filename I want to see to the property type "Title" and then I can see both the Bates Number filename and the Title (via file property) that I added in the metadata.

Is there a way to use PowerShell to create the property type "Title" and then populate it by importing the titles in a csv file?
Here's what I have:
File Name (Bates Full Path Name)              

Here's what I want to see in Windows Explorer:
File Name                                          Title
c:\blah\blah2\CGFR1233.pdf         How to eat a burrito.pdf
c:\blah\blah2\CGFR1234.pdf         How to eat a taco.pdf
c:\blah\blah2\CGFR1235.pdf         Tipping your server.txt

Is this even possible?  I have all file extension types.

All of the files are already in the directory and the file names, sizes and dates will all match... I just would like to add the property type.

Please give me some good news!
Annie  :-)
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