How to change text color on Mouse Over for a bound column of an asp:DataGrid control ?

Here is the data bound column I need help with. More of the code and an explanation is shown below.

  <asp:BoundColumn DataField="SSNID" SortExpression="SSNID" HeaderStyle-ForeColor="black"  HeaderText="SSN. ID"></asp:BoundColumn>

Basically I  am working with a DataGrid control (Note, NOT a GridView control). I have a bound column below for the social security column,  "SSNID". When the application user
places their mouse cursor over the column header SSN. ID, I would like for the text color to change to a different color, like blue. Also it would be nice
if the cursor changes to a hand icon on hover. However just getting the text color to change on MouseOver is my main requirement right now that I am trying
to fulfill. Does anyone know how to do this?

 <asp:DataGrid ID="dgGridLIst" runat="server" Width="700px" CssClass="mainbody" PageSize="25" AutoGenerateColumns="False"  AllowPaging="True" OnSortCommand="Sort_DataGrid" AllowSorting="true" PagerStyle-PrevPageText="Prev" PagerStyle-NextPageText="<img src='~/images/cssgrid.gif' " OnPageIndexChanged="dgGridLIst_PageIndexChanged" OnItemCreated="dgGridLIst_ItemCreated">
        <HeaderStyle Font-Bold="True"></HeaderStyle>
                     <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink2" runat="server" Text="Select" NavigateUrl='<%#: GetRequestId(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "SSNID").ToString()) %>' Target="_blank">Select</asp:HyperLink>
            <asp:BoundColumn DataField="SSNID" SortExpression="SSNID" HeaderStyle-ForeColor="black"  HeaderText="SSN. ID"></asp:BoundColumn>
            <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="Stat.">
                    <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" >
                                  <%# GetStatusDescription(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "REQUEST_STS").ToString()) %>
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Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
It's easy with CSS but you'd have to write the CSS to the rendered HTML and not to the ASP.NET markup. Do you have a sample of the rendered page?
brgdotnetcontractorAuthor Commented:
No, I don't have a sample of the page. I have tried styling it with CSS, but it did not work. Do you know of any good CSS that can accomplish the job? Change text color on hover, and show a hand instead of the cursor.
Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
assuming you know how to target the correct element, here's a jsfiddle showing what you want.

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brgdotnetcontractorAuthor Commented:
THank you
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