Windows 7 SP1 32Bit keyboard swapping characters even when Region & Language set correctly

Mark Galvin
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Client reports that when typing the "@" symbol they get ":" instead. Simple I thought, the keyboard is set to US - this client is UK user based in the UK.

So jumped on remotely (do not have local access) and checked the Control Panel settings. All set correctly.
Screen shots:
I have reapplied the settings (change to US, reboot, back to UK reboot) but still swapping the "@" and the ":".

Any one have any ideas?
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Pop up the on screen keyboard on their machine and check it has the UK layout

Always worth then seeing if Ctrl+Shift brings up a different keyboard (despite your settings showing no US KB installed!)

"@" mapping to ":" isn't typical of a US/UK KB mismatch, that usually manifests with "@" mapping to " (Shift+2)

Wonder if they've installed something which has changed the registry key mapping or is running as a background service?

Would they be happy having their keyboard mapping force reset?

If so, this run as a Registry Script will reset any scancode remaps that have been installed to their defaults for the installed keyboard - best to warn the user that they may have an application they installed that relies on this remap and may not function correctly without reinstalling (and restoring the problem!)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]
"Scancode Map"=-

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Were you logged on with your user account or the user's? Keyboard mappings can be different across accounts.
Have they tried physically swapping out the keyboard with a different one? Maybe the keyboard itself is defective.

I assume they're pressing and holding the Shift key and pressing the key 3 rows down and 2 left of the Enter key?
UK Keyboard Layout
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Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal Consultant


Hi all

@ ☠ MASQ ☠
I have tried the on screen keyboard and:
Screen-Shot-2016-03-04-at-16.34.41.jpgUK Layout. I have run the REG script. Awaiting users reponse (not currently around to test). I am using remote connection using TeamViewer so my keyboard works fine through remote connection.

@ rindi
As per above, using TeamViewer and remote onto her account - no other account

@ marsilies
Cant swap out as not local. However, I have sent the end user (not PC literate) and email asking exactly which key she is pressing. Lets see what the users comes back with.

What type of keyboard is this? Does it have Verr.Maj?

Ask the user to press Ctrl then shift for a second or 2 then try again.
Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal Consultant


Awaiting user response. Have chased today.


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