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HI all Experts,

i have question about IP subnet

3 sites
Microsoft azure vnet to vnet
Site A = address space - subnet  starting ip   VPN connect ( Site B )
Site B = address space -subnet  starting ip    VPN connect ( Site A + Site C ) Multi-site

Corp- sonicwall
site C = address space - subnet  (VPN connect (site A)

when these 3 sites connected there is an issue with passing traffic through VPN Tunnel.  ( 192.168 can't talk to 10.x.x.x/24 or 10.x.x.x/25
If I removed Multi-site and test just VPN One on One ( site C to site A  or Site C to site B ) the tunnel allow passed traffic fine.

there something wrong with subnet mask betwwen corp to azure with Multi-site setup.
many thank you...
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You are overlapping address spaces for site A and B, site B is a /25 but it is part of the /24 assigned and in use to site A. Use for site B if you are not using it else where.

harbor235 ;}


Hi harbor235,
thank you for quick response

Site A = address space - subnet  
Site B = address space -subnet

what do you think?
Looks good,

harbor235 ;}



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