Shadow Protect Recovery environment Should making a bootable cross ptatform bootable disk for windows be so hard? Shadowprotect

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Been working on thsi for a couple days now.  I want to make a recovery environment bootable USB.  While I download the things needed for the builder, I wanted to see the crossplatform process.

I downloaded the 64 bit (this talks of a 32 bit, but that's gone?  )

I downloaded and installed iso to USB, which is mentioned here:

That app really doesn't have many options. should be idiot proof?

Pointed it to the iso.

chose the USB drive (I've tried several different sticks)

Choose the file system (I've tried fat32 and NTFS)

Choose whether to make it windows bootable (I tried both ways)

Put the disks into various PCs in various USB ports on those PCs (am I correct that some USB ports don't boot?)

The PCs always see the external USB drive when I choose what to boot off of.  BUt then it says there's no bootable partition.

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Have you tried using diskpart to create bootable usb?
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you could try creating an .iso and using the windows 7 download/usb tool or rufus to make the usb
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Is the partition on USB disk/stick active?

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