This query isn't working what do I do?

I'm trying to run this update statement in SQL 2000 (don't laugh) ;

Update Student set Picture = SID + ‘.jpg’

and I'm receiving the following error:

Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '‘'.

Do I need parentheses around SID + ‘.jpg’

smantzDirector of TechnologyAsked:
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Lee SavidgeCommented:
Maybe a type casting problem or using he wrong quotes.

Update Student set Picture = cast(SID as varchar(100)) + '.jpg'

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Failing that, if you need to image name out in a SQL call, make it a derived field so you don't need to store the value twice.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
what is the datatype of Picture? Of SID?

If SID is numeric, try:
Update Student set Picture = cast(SID as varchar) + ‘.jpg’

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trt & instead of +, also check that your quotation marks are not the inverted kind
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
arana is correct, the first quote is reversed!
smantzDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Well, I pasted the update from an e-mail a friend sent. The '.jpg' looked the same and in black.  When I actually type the statement into QA the '.jpg' is red. Does this sound correct?

Picture is a (varchar(20),Null)
SID is a (varchar (12), Not Null)
Lee SavidgeCommented:
It's correct if it is red. SQL management studio or query analyser as it was back then, puts string text in red.

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Lee SavidgeCommented:
If SID is a varchar then no need to cast. It'll be as I said, in that you used the wrong quotes.

update student set picture = SID + '.jpg'

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Don't use    ID + ‘.jpg’   but   ID + '.jpg'    -- do you see the apostrophes difference here?

Back apostrophes cannot be used to enclose text literals.

Back apostrophes are used in MySQL to enclose column and table names sometimes.
smantzDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
I used the '  mark located on the key with the " marks before and after the text and it worked.  I did not use the ` mark on the key with the ~.   Typing it in rather than pasting did the trick (that and seeing the red!).  Thanks everyone for such quick responses.


Look at your question:   ‘.jpg’  ...  It does not contain  ' (apostrophe)... But it also does not contain back apostrophe...
It contains left and right single quotation marks... :-)
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