Nipper Tool

Hi Experts,

I am trying to download Nipper software to conduct a security audit on my network.

I downloaded the zip file from the following link


I am unable to locate the nippper.exe file in the folder and when I try to run nipper command the cmd complains as "nipper is not recognized as an internal or external command."

Following is the output of dir to that folder:

 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is E449-18B3

 Directory of C:\Users\naziz\Desktop\Nipper\NipperExt

03/04/2016  10:32 AM    <DIR>          .
03/04/2016  10:32 AM    <DIR>          ..
02/28/2008  04:38 PM            42,082 Changelog
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          cisco
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          common
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          CSS
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          docs
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          FW1
02/28/2008  04:38 PM             1,477 INSTALL
02/28/2008  04:38 PM               648 install.script
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          IOS
02/28/2008  04:38 PM            34,709 LICENSE
02/28/2008  04:38 PM               413 Makefile
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          man
02/28/2008  04:38 PM            13,012 nipper.c
02/28/2008  04:38 PM             4,405 nipper.conf
02/28/2008  04:38 PM             3,787 nipper.ini
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          NMP
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          Passport
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          PIX
02/28/2008  04:38 PM             3,372 Readme
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          ScreenOS
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          SonicOS
03/04/2016  10:31 AM    <DIR>          Template
02/28/2008  04:38 PM             2,118 TODO
              11 File(s)        129,366 bytes
              15 Dir(s)  183,469,850,624 bytes free

Kindly advice where to get the nipper.exe file from?

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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
SherryazizAuthor Commented:
I have already gone through this article.

The link provided to download nipper is not working.

Hence I downloaded nipper from the link I mentioned in my first post. It doesn't show me the .exe file. The file that is there is .c file and I think we will have convert that to .exe file through some compiler. I am not sure how to do that without a lot of hassle.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:

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