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I have a user that needs a email auto reply setup for all external senders. All internal (domain users) should not receive the auto reply.  I have tried a Outlook rule, but it is client based and only works if Outlook is open on her pc.

Is there a way to set this up on Exchange or Outlook?

I have Exchange 2010 STD and Outlook 2010

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DeepinConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure Engineer Commented:

Best solutions is Exclaimer Auto responder, It's installed on your exchange server and send's a automated response - does not appear as an OOF.   use this personally and would highly recommend but it involves a cost
Matt DeVernaCIOCommented:
Hi Encinitas,

I just tested this. Now I have Outlook 2013 but it should work the same way.

Go to your Auto Reply settings under FILE>Automatic Replies

I click "Outside my organization" turned on "Send Automatic Replies" and typed in what I wanted to auto reply to be. I left the inside my organization blank. You will get a warning message but just accept it. (See Attached)

I tested from inside my organization and the person sending to me did not get an auto reply but an external email did.

Test it out and let me know if it works for you.
EncinitasAuthor Commented:
The user is in office not out of office. I cannot have the OOO enabled
Matt DeVernaCIOCommented:
Okay, you mentioned you setup the rule. Can you setup that same rule in her OWA? I believe this will run in online mode and doesn't have to have Outlook open.
EncinitasAuthor Commented:
The rule send out email to both inside and outside.
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