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Hi All,
I have a client who lost his password for his .mdb. I have verified he is the legit owner/operator of the database.
I searched online for a free/once-off tool and ended up with a PUP / malware warning.
Does anyone have a recommended tool for this?
thank you
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However, tools that do what you are asking will look like malware because they try to "hack into" the database by repeatedly guessing the password.

If you trust the source of the tool, you could disable your anti-virus so you can run the tool. Obviously, there is a risk to doing that. It would be much safer to run the tool within a VM that is not connected to a network. I would use the "snapshot" feature of the VM so you could dispose of any changes that the tool makes to the VM.
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There is some recovery tools but should practice diligence in the use of such kit. I recalled there is access passview  kit in the past (likely to support legacy machine like XP and below). Here is some useful specific mention based on the type of Jet mdb database and access 2007 used

There is some sharing on the "forensic" of the password
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As has been said, posting cracks is against EE policy, but not to leave you hanging, many sites have a password "lite" tool that will expose part of the password.  A google search will term those up quickly.

and sites like, who offer legit recovery services will often have a range of products that can help.



Thanks guys.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
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