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Windows RDP connection dropping all the time in Windows server 2012 R2


When I login to my works server running Windows 2012R2 using Windows 7 or 10 remote desktop I am experiencing trouble with the connection breaking all the time - like every 5 minutes, leaving me to re-establish.  For example today, the network is quiet and when I made a remote connection I only saw the background image of the server desktop and no icons.  The problem seems to be as if its struggling to connect and this always happens on the first attempt and sometimes the second. When I keep trying I eventually make the connection and then it lets me in but I am booted out by the connection disconnecting after a short period.
This also happens on a VM I'm running hosting Server 2012 R2 - so its happening on the host and also a VM.  I've tried 2 different ISP broadband connections and exactly the same.

I am using SonicWALL Global VPN to connect to the network and then I use mstsc /admin on my windows 10 machine to login via remote desktop.  I  have disabled the firewall but its still the same so pretty annoying.  

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

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John Smith

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Hi _Tyrant,

That is correct, I don't have the ports open to remote into the network direct for security reasons so I go in via the global VPN tunnel created by SonicWALL.

I will try this link and let you know but I think I already have tried the latest releases and couldn't even make a VPN tunnel.  Thanks for your help and ill keep you posted.

The VPN connection does not go down, I suppose. Then I assume it is a MTU issue - find out with mturoute -t VMorRDPTargetIP (downlaod from This will test MTU settings and display which one you can safely use to get to that target.
If you see a reduced MTU on the path, you'll have to set it up in the registry or with netsh:
netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Local Area Connection” mtu=1400 store=persistent

Open in new window

where 1400 is the value determined by mturoute.
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Hi John!

I understand the security issues with opening up RDS Ports inbound directly to your RDS servers etc.... however; have you given thought to the possibility of using RDS Gateway with SSL as a solution. You may find that using RDS Gateway instead of a VPN is a viable alternative.

You would only need to open SSL Port 443 to the gateway server.... after that the gateway server will redirect you to any internal server/computer running RDS...