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Importing Word document from Confluence - workarounds for formatting issues, etc.

I'm importing a Word doc into my company's Wiki,  in Confluence. Unfortunately, the Confluence "Office Connector" has several documented issues (and one I noticed that is not documented) that compromise the formatting. What was a nicely formatted Word doc looks rather poor in Confluence.

Here's the link from Atlassian (who supports Confluence) per these issues:


The worst issues for me:
1. Whitespace is messed up. Most apparent with blank lines between text, and lost centering.

2. This one I don't see documented. I have some JSON code. "Examples:" is text above the snipped.)

                Field: “DueDate”
                ErrorMsg: “Invalid Date Format: 20160131”

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Somehow, Confluence adds some auto-numbering. (The below is a screenshot.)
Confluence Rogue Autonumbering
Bottom line:
1. How can I "fool" confluence into not removing my whitespace.
2. Same question to avoid the autonumbering.

I want to make my changes in Word as much as possible. While I can change in Confluence, i would lose those changes if I had to make significant changes to the Word doc and re-import it.

NOTE: I had to save my DOCX as a 97-2003 Word Doc b/c of Confluence issues importing DOCX .

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