Cisco CUCM 10: Software Conference Bridge Versus Hardware

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I've gotten some complaints of ad hoc conference call drops. I'm too swamped to really go through the call
traces - traveling and so on. I'm suspecting that perhaps the old 3845 hardware bridge is just over its
capacity. Is there any downside to making the CUCM software conference bridge top priority for
ad hoc conferencing?
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So the software conference bridge only does G.711, whereas the hardware conference bridges can support multiple codecs.  If you have G.729 calls participating on a software conference bridge you will then need transcoder resources -- i.e. DSP resources back on the router..  

Here is a cautionary note from Cisco in their doc:

  Although a single software conference device can run on the same server as the Cisco Unified CallManager service, Cisco strongly recommends against this configuration. Running a conference device on the same server as the Cisco CallManager service may adversely affect performance on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

This is from:

So really what needs to be happen is you need to troubleshoot the issue.  Maybe you just need to bounce the dspfarm or reboot the router and if you don't have time that might be where to start.
amigan_99Network Engineer


Great idea. It's been forever since the old workhorse was booted.

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