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I have a Windows Form with a few buttons on it, which are SteelBlue and Flat style.  When I specify on the form an AcceptButton it changes the border of the 'Accept Button' to white.  I can't seem to find where to clear this out?

Can someone help me with this little irritation?
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For the record, I know the border is controlled by BorderColor, but I have it set to nothing.  I can change the color with this property, but I can't get rid of it?
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That border has a purpose. It's an indication for the user that pressing Enter on the form will activate that button. If you remove it, you remove that indication and users might activate it by mistake.

If you do not want the border, simply do not set that Button as the AcceptButton. Trap the Enter key yourself, on the Form's KeyPress event, after having set its KeyPreview property to True.

If you need the result sent back by the standard AcceptButton, simply set the DialogResult property of the form to OK.
Thanks for the response, I'll go about it that way then.

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