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Access 2013: Combo box in a form

Hello. I have a form to add some details for Mr.X (Mr_ID). The corresponding tables are Details_Table (Mr.X's data), Date_Table (visits of Mr. X to my office)  and Visit_Details_Table (what happened during the Visit). The tables are connected and working properly.

How can I create a combo box in a form which will contain the values from the Test_Date field, but ONLY the ones connected to the specified Mr_ID, so I can add details to a subform (Visit_Details_Table) and connect them to the Test_date?

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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Simplest is to:

1. Base the combo's rowsource on a query.

2. In that query, add a reference to the Mr_ID control on the form.

=Forms![<my form name>]![txtMr_ID]

On the Mr_ID field

3. In the Got Focus event of the combo, do a requery of the combo so it's updated.   Note that you may be able to use the OnCurrent event of the form...not sure when the dates might change.   If no visits can be added while your viewing this form, then you can use the OnCurrent.

 But if new visits can be added while sitting on this form, then you'll need to use the GotFocus of the combo so it's always up to date.

Your combo will then only display dates associated with Mr_ID

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1) Ok
2) ...but includes all the values and not only Mr_ID ones. I added the reference to the Criteria field in the query
3) Used something like  
Me!sfMySubform.Form!cboMyCombo.Requery, on Got Focus, even though new values cannot be added. Nothing happened :(
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