VBA Script for Excel to delete rows

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I have a set of data on Sheet1 from columns A:AA.  I need a way to perform the following.  Check each row in Column Q, if it is blank then delete that entire row of data.  I need to perform this all the way down to the last row of data.
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Please try this:

Sub RemoveBlankRows()
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range("Q1:Q1048576").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks)
End Sub


Rob HensonFinance Analyst

If you sort on column Q the blanks will be at the top or bottom. Then just select and delete as normal.

If you need to keep the data in the order that it is, you can add a sequential id in another column and then resort on this after the blanks deleted.

Alternatively, you can filter on column Q for blanks and when deleting it will only delete the visible rows.

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