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Extract all email addresses with PowerShell from Exchange

I cannot seem to figure out why the portion of the code that reads...
? {$_.PrefixString -ceq "smtp" -or "sip"}

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...from the below script is not filtering out primary SMTP addresses.

So, I do not want the primary SMTP address to appear in the output at all.

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited| 
  % {
    $usr = Get-User $_.SamAccountName
    $_ | Select-Object DisplayName, UserPrincipalName, ForwardingAddress, Alias, LegacyExchangeDN, RecipientType,RecipientTypeDetails,
                @{Name="FirstName"      ;Expression={$usr.FirstName}},
                @{Name="LastName"       ;Expression={$usr.LastName }},
                @{Name="StreetAddress"  ;Expression={($usr.StreetAddress) -replace '(.*?)[\r|\n](.*?)' , '$1 $2' }},
                @{Name="City"           ;Expression={$usr.City}},
                @{Name="PostalCode"     ;Expression={$usr.PostalCode}},
                @{Name="Phone"          ;Expression={$usr.Phone}},
                @{Name="HomePhone"      ;Expression={$usr.HomePhone}},
                @{Name="MobilePhone"    ;Expression={$usr.MobilePhone}},
                @{Name="Fax"            ;Expression={$usr.Fax}},
                @{Name="Pager"          ;Expression={$usr.Pager}},
                @{Name="Department"     ;Expression={$usr.Department}},
                @{Name="Office"         ;Expression={$usr.Office}},
                @{Name="Title"          ;Expression={$usr.Title}},
                @{Name="WebPage"        ;Expression={$usr.WebPage}},
                @{Name="Notes"          ;Expression={$usr.Notes}},
                @{Name="EmailAddresses" ;Expression={($_.EmailAddresses | ? {$_.PrefixString -ceq "smtp" -or "sip"} | % {$_.SmtpAddress}) -join ";"}}
  } |
  ConvertTo-CSV -notype |
  % { $_ -replace '"'} |
  Out-File C:\scripts\Mailboxes.csv

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Any ideas experts?

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