Windows Server 2008 Search engine not working

I have a network that includes a Windows small business server 2008 and 7 workstations running Windows 7 professional

Up till recently, the users could search, from their workstations,  for content in a Word document in a very large 80 GB master folder on the server called "MasterFiles" that all users have full access to.

Recently, one of the attorneys  is looking for a specific document and he provided specific content that was in the body of the document. The user has a drive letter map to the masterfiles folder on the server. They would try a search for any content, from their workstation,  of what they believe was in this document - but come up with nothing.

I logged on to the server and attended the same search and advanced search to no avail.

When I went to confirm if indexing was enabled on the server, it shows that is not enabled but from what I understand, you should still be able to search

Looking for best recommendations to search for specific content in a Word document on the server.
Should I consider using a third-party tool?

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated
Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAsked:
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Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerCommented:
Please ensure that the Windows Search service is enabled on both the server and user workstation.

When searching for a particular document or content inside a document, the best way to search is by using the * functionality.

For example you would search

*law degree

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.


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Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
Is it recommended to search from the workstation or directly from the server?
Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerCommented:
If it is the end user, then they should only have access to search from their computer.
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Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
I understand that. But for best search options, is it best to do this from the server?

I can do this either from the server or workstation. If I do it from the workstation, do both the server and workstation need to have indexing enabled? the server by default does not. Most likely due to performance issues
Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
I have tried to physically search content - from a workstation (3 words together "against Broadview Networks"" that I know exist on the server and cannot get any combination of searches to find either from the server of the workstation.

Should I re-open another ticket to get additional help?
Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
I've done some more research

I tried installing the indexing service on the server to no avail.

I then installed the windows search service on the server but by doing so it was required to uninstall the indexing service. At first I had issues searching for content going deeper than three levels but found that may have been caused by the windows search engine service not completing it's indexing

My research shows me that I should be using quotation marks when searching for a specific content with more than one word. I've not had any luck using the Asterix

I will be retesting this evening after hours

Once I complete testing on the server then I will test from a workstation mapped to the server

I'm hoping to get some more feedback from anyone who has experience with searching on a server
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

The question has either no comments or not enough useful information to be called an "answer".
Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
sorry for getting back to you so late
Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
it was the indexing service I was referring to above - that can not be enabled along with the Windows Search service.
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