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Is there an embedded SD chip?

I need a Flash type memory on my system. But my SOC can't directly interface with eMMC so is there a chip that is just like SD interface but it can be integrated on a board?
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I'm not an expert on this area, but doesn't it depend on the type of SoC that you use?
See  your SoC's documentation/datasheet to see what kinda storage it supports.
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Is there any difference between an iNAND and eMMC? It seems like I can interact with an iNAND through SPI. But I can't interact with eMMC using SPI.
As far as I know iNAND and eMMC have the same technology.
What's the chip you're talking about?
What's the brand? (Sandisk, Samsung, etc ...)

You should get it's datasheet and see the communications interface.
You probably need a Breakout Board for microSD Card (with header pins) breaking out the contacts from a microSD card socket into two rows of 0.1″ spaced pins.