Computer won't boot from ODD or USB

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L875D-s7332 laptop that won't boot from either the ODD or USB.  It is running windows 8.x and has a desktop utility that allows you to change system settings including Boot order (which I have).  It continually just boots the hard drive despite the settings.  I never found a way to get into the bios on machine boot up no matter what combination of power on + other keys I tried.  I checked and tried many different suggestions from other sites but still nothing.  Any ideas or did Toshiba do something?


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does the laptop allow boot from usb? you should be able to reboot the machine, hit f12 or your boot menu key and select the usb drive if it shows up.
There are a couple of reasons, but basically all of this needs to be controlled from your BIOS.  Your Boot key is F12.  As soon as the laptop powers on, you start hitting F12, and it should give you a boot menu, sometimes it wont, and try again.  There are rare times that the OS just loads way to fast.

What needs to happen, go into the bios and choose the USB drive as the boot drive, or check the boot disk order, and have the USB drive be the first.  This is a lot easier if you have the USB drive in the laptop while your doing it.  Some machines wont work at all without it.

From there it should boot to the USB device, that is depending on what exactly your booting to/from.
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Disable secureboot in the BIOS. If secureboot is enabled, you will only be able to boot to media that has been certified. Not certified media will be ignored.
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Hold down F2 when restarting to access UEFI menu

Under the Security tab go down to Secure Boot in the menu and change to Disabled

Then under the Advanced tab go down to System Configuration and change Boot Mode to CSM Boot

You can either set the boot order now to your USB/ODD or use F12 at boot to get the Boot Order menu
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see here how to disable secure boot + other options :
If it's NOT a Secure Boot issue then it still could be UEFI and all that its implementation and limitations of this kind of operation entails.  It's amazing to me how limited our ability to boot from ODD's much less USB has become.  Here is a thread you may find of interest:
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tx  - but what solved your problem ?
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Well, I followed the directions in the link to get to the advanced settings in the special menu.
At that point I was able to turn the secure boot and UEFI off (UEFI to CSM?) and get the system to boot from the disk.

I think part of the reason the normal routes to the bios might not have worked is do to another setting in bios that was set that the Fn key had to be depressed in order to go to the F key function (kind of reversed from what I have seen).  I changed it to what I am use to which is just hitting the F key to get to F functions and Fn key down for things like wireless and brightness etc.   I haven't tried the normal bios route but might give it shot know that I,m done with what I started.

Hope this makes sense and thanks again for that link and everyone's help.

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tx for the feedback, SM
nobus:  Nothing solved *my* problem with the new Dell machine if that's what you were asking.
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i try to never ask other people than the asker - as to avoid confusion
so you were not adressed - i would not even know what to adress

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