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Can I run eseutil pointing to an external storage? Other options?


We're running an Exchange 2010 SP3 server.  Server is running low on disk space, but we know there is plenty of "white space" on the database due to several mailboxes that have been added/removed over time.

Due to alternate issues with backups, we are needing to create 2 separate databases and relocate all mailboxes to the new databases.  Plan is to run eseutil to recover some space/reduce the current database size.  Unfortunately there is inadequate free space on the volume for the temporary files created storage during the process.  There are no additional bays on the server to add more drives and create a new volume.  We would really prefer not to take the files and run an eseutil on a separate server if at all possible.  

This brings me to the following question.
1.Can we connect a USB drive (I think there USB 2 available), and use this drive for the temp storage during eseutil?  Besides the slower process, would this be a problem?
2.I'm quite sure this can't be done to a network share correct?
3.If neither of these options are feasible, we may have to use a NIC to setup iSCSI connection to a SAN.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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