Is there a Website where I can try out my ISAPI dll ?

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Is there a Website where I can try out my ISAPI dll ?
Somehow IIS is not getting set properly on my Win7 machine.
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Dan McFaddenSystems Engineer
Do you have the necessary features installed in IIS on your machine?

You need to have the "ISAPI Extensions" feature installed in order to user a custom ISAPI dll.

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IT Consultant
frankly the answer is your own site. :)

why don't you simply set up a Windows server to do your test, rather than testing on a client OS? the Windows server can be physical or virtual. if you got significant memory and space on your W7, you may try installing a virtual Windows server on top of your W7.

you don't need to spend an extra cent for building such a test environment except your time.

for virtualisation software you can choose Sun Virtual Box, VMware Player or Windows built-in Hyper-V if your version supports it.

for Windows server, download a trial version from Microsoft or simply download a prefigured virtual machine from VMware (not suitable for low-end systems).

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