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Hi Experts,

We are migrating windows Form application to Single Page Application with responsive web design compatible to different desktop browsers (IE11,IE Edge,FF,chrome) , Android and Ios devices  in both safari and chrome browsers using AngularJS, Material Design and HTML5 technologies. In windows application we have a Form with list of records and if you double click a record it will open a new window / Form   that will show complete details of that record. I want to achieve this functionality using AngularJS.

1) Using AngularJS how can I achieve double click event for ios/android devices  as well as for desktop browsers ? ie. What event I have to use ?

2) How can I open a new window in angularJS that should work across different browsers as well as in  ios/android devices (both safari and chrome browsers) ?  Is there any built-in service available  in angularjs to achieve this ?
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2) nothing special :
$'', 'ksd123', 'width=800,height=600');
Again, there's nothing special here, just using $window instead window :$window


Thank you

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