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Open an application remotely..using IIS?

We'd like to be able to type in one of our IP addresses that is configured to one of our internal servers and have it open a program in the browser window.

-open IE
-enter (internally and externally)
-crm software opens in web browser

Right now, typing in get you the IIS Welcome screen.

I've found some info on configuring IIS 8, but nothing on configuring it to open (or take you to a login screen) for a particular piece of software.  Am I on the right track at least?  Anyone have any links to articles dealing with this question?
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Follow up to this...

Am running this on MS Server 2012...supposing I could have just used Anywhere Access if was on Server 2012 R2?
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Is the CRM software web-based or an application that has to be installed?