ms access 2k10 Runtime: Can u run external accdb's

I have field techs with laptops that I perioically send updated access apps to. I would not like to license and install MS Access on these since they only run particular apps. I am familiar with creating RunTime App installation packages and distributing, but am looking for a simpler solution. If I install a runtime library on the laptop, can I then just supply .accdb apps and run them using the library?
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<< I am familiar with creating RunTime App installation packages and distributing, but am looking for a simpler solution. >>

 There are other installers, but no simpler solutions.  Access must be installed *assuming* that you are using Access objects (forms, reports, etc).

 There is no "run time" library; the only difference between the "run time" and a full version is some registry keys.   It's the same executable, DLL's, etc.

 If your just storing data, then yes you can install only the database engine (you won't have MSACCESS.EXE)

jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Thank you!

The app(which is contained in the users dropbox) is for the user to enter expenses into a form which updates an access table. at some point, accounting imports the table from the accdb in the lockbox into a Job cost app. for each new Job,the user gets an empty accdb in their dropbox. Does this qualify for "Just storing data"?
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<is for the user to enter expenses into a form >>


 Although I will take back somewhat what I said; a simpler method is to have the user download and install the runtime, then give them a copy of the DB only.  So no installer/packager, but they still need to install Access one way or another.

 Longer term, you might wish to take a look at Access Web Apps in A2013 and up.

 You publish a web front end with SharePoint, at which point a user can add and edit data through a browser.

 That data is stored in SQL Server, which you can point a regular Desktop Access app to.  

 This is a good setup for collecting / displaying data remotely, then processing "back at the office".

 Something to keep your eye on.

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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Good, I think.
If I understand u correctly;
I install access runtime on the users laptop. one time period, without any .accdb's
I then give the user just my access app .accdb and they're good to go running my app
with their pre-installed runtime.

Love ur long term but there are extenuating circumstances here.
This user is sitting in the engine room of a huge ship, 1000+ miles from
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<If I understand u correctly;>>

 Yes you do.

 You really don't need an installer, but it helps in some cases.  But it sounds like you have a cut and dry "out of the box" Access app and haven't done anything fancy (i.e. used 3rd party controls, tools, etc).

So they would:

1. Install the runtime from here:

 Note that this is version specific....if your .accdb was created with A2010, then use the A2010 runtime.   The link above points to the latest, which is 2016.

2. Copy your DB to their hard drive.

3. Create a short cut (one time) to point to the DB.

 After that, they can upload/download just the .accdb.

<<This user is sitting in the engine room of a huge ship, 1000+ miles from

 Sometimes it's amazing where you can get an internet connection these days, but your probably best with the setup you have.


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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Much thanks for ur help!
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