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Hyper-v Cluster Network setup

Hi all,
I will try and made this as short as possible and to the point as I realise this question has a very broad scope. I am looking to move from a 3 node VMware 5.5 cluster to a 3 node Windows 2012 R2 cluster. We have recently reworked out networks VLAN structure in preparation for this and other expansion projects. The network is a standard star topology with VLANs as follows
VLAN ID 1 – Management
VLAN ID 2 –Heartbeat (for use by cluster)
VLAN ID 3 – Migration (for use by cluster)
VLAN ID 4 – Storage (for use by cluster)
VLAN ID 5 – Servers
Other VLAN ID’s for client machines
VLAN ID 49 – Current VMWare servers
Our new 3 cluster nodes have 8 x 1GB Ethernet NIC’s & 1 x 10GB Ethernet NIC’s per node. I have an HP 2920 24 port switch with 2 x 10GB modules in the back (for connection to the core switch). We also have 2 x Dell equallogic SANs for storage. After the move the current VMWare cluster will be turned into another 3 node Hyper-V cluster and I would like to be able to failover machines from one cluster to another. At the moment the SANs are on their own physical network but I would like to integrate them at a later date hence VLAN ID 4. I am coming unstuck at the network setup. My current thinking is to team the 8 x 1GB NICs from the server to the switch and trunk all the VLANs to the team. This will provide maximum redundancy although I don’t think I will be able to use switch independent teaming as I will be sending multiple VLANs through each port. I am also unsure how I will go about setting up the migration and heartbeat VLANs for the cluster. I have a decent basic knowledge of switching and Hyper-V but very new to clustering. Could anyone guide me down the right path for this kind of setup?
If you need any more information please ask and as always thanks in advance
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