Block win10 on win7 Pro vol licensed pc?

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We have a bunch of win7 Pro laptops all running our corporate image, activated with our volume lic key.

We have a legacy virtualized xp app which we know won't work with Win10.

I'm scared to death that Microsoft keeps changing the rules on win10 forced upgrades and one day my phone will start ringing off the hook that microsoft forced win10 on my users.

What's the best solution?

If I simply disable automatic updates, I presume that will prevent win10, but of course we won't be getting updates.

I'm furious that Microsoft is forcing win10 on perfectly good win7 machines and being so pushy about it.

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Commented: is what MS offers to disable win10 upgrade offers: GPOs.
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You need either to disable the updates or use GPO as suggested above.
I don't think that Microsoft can push the system upgrade itself to Windows 10. I think they will sink in ocean of sues then from angry users.


Thanks @McKnife !

That MS article was a bit confusing, and it wasn't clear to me at first if I could just use the registry key.

We tested it and the answer is yes: the registry approach works independent of all the other stuff mentioned in the article.

Here's the reg file we used (stops win10 and hides the nag icon) :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





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