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any impressive Python code for a child?

I asked a similar question, posing this possibility, but now I'm committed. . a local mom interested . .
In 1984, when I was 5, my dad showed me some code and got me started making games on our Apple IIe, and 16 years later, I sat in an Xbox office (coding)

I am going to teach local youths how to code, with private lessons. Can anyone suggest an example w/ page of some seriously cool Python code to excite a kid today. Things are v. different now. Paratrooper or King's Quest was enough for me back then, but now, I'd like to be able to show a student's mom that something like *this* is possible. - tho it took me a while, I was making decent stuff in 3rd grade. Turbo Pascal hit the scene soon.
I know Python doesn't have DirectX, or even AWT (well, it does in Jython) but what might be a decent bet to be able to show parents and child what Python can do, just like my brother and I started on textual maze games in Apple Basic, and 320x200 packman clones, PC soon.
I know there's a long learning time needed, but for starting, are there any suggestions w/ page? I could also show my chess game JFrame, with invulnerable AI. (makes random legal moves)
I'd prefer Java or C++, of course, but that's not very practical now. Python is the way.
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