Excessive OneDrive traffic in WIndows 10 laptop ?

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Can anyone here please explain to me as to why my builtin OneDrive account that is just 15 GB consumes almost 1 TB of data in the past week alone ?

Here's the traffic report that was shown by my network team to show that I'm consuming 65% of the web traffic quota:
yqflpa.bay.livefilestore.com 489.96 GB  
yqflpa.by3301.livefilestore.com 347.39 GB  
yqflpa.by3302.livefilestore.com 296.04 GB  
lym3uw.bay.livefilestore.com  52.4 GB 

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Is there any way to turn it off ? Because at the moment the One Drive document are all outdated with lots of RedX icon on it.

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0k, I don't want to delete the files on the drive, so I can copy that first out of the drive I assume ?

it's up to you go ahead...


Is there any possible reason as to why it is uploading that much data while I' only on 15 GB quota in the One Drive ?

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