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What is secure.transfer.redsourceinteractive.com ?


Can anyone here please explain and let me know why is that my web traffic from my laptop is mostly from secure.transfer.redsourceinteractive.com website ?

I tried to copy paste that URL itno my browser but it is not opening anything useful.

Note: From 7 days period of continuous traffic monitoring, secure.transfer.redsourceinteractive.com accounts for more than 60 GB of web traffic alone to my computer.

If it is a dangerous website, how can I report it to Symantec or Microsoft to take it down ?

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You should hope that somebody at EE can provide an explanation. According to the Redsource Interactive LinkedIn page:
Founded in 2009 by Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg, RedSource Interactive is dedicated to extending the patented blend of Q&A and expert community found on Experts Exchange to other companies and communities that desperately need a new way to share knowledge.
It's not clear how that relates to your personal traffic monitoring, but it could at least be a clue if you visited EE during those 7 days.


OK, but how come it is so big ?
During 7 days of my computer not shutting down it uploads something ?
If your browser is active and has an EE page (or perhaps something related) open, I have no doubt that traffic flows regularly in both directions. That's how simple things like the 'Notifications' are possible in the banners. A script for example makes regular queries to see what might have changed.

Do a 'View page source' on this web page. Look at references to "redsource" in scripts outside of where you and I have it in our text.

EE is definitely not the only site that uses this technique.
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I know that EE uses Omniture. and queries it every second (Omniture is a site tracking tool and it hides behind the facade of "site optimization").


Thanks !


When I close the broswer, it seems that the problem goes away.

That' must be very bad bug considering I'm not using the "live" section and those data is uploaded / refreshes daily..

that's pretty big for a text only website.