Merging two working formulas

I have the following working formula

=IF($Q$11<>""," "&$Q$11&" ","You must enter a the Company's City and State in Q11!")

Which yields City, State & Zip Code, i.e. New York City, New York 12345

And this formula

=LEFT($Q$11,FIND("",$Q$11,FIND(", ",$Q$11)+3))

Which yields City and State with no Zip Code, i.e. New York City, New York

I need to combine the second formula with the first formula.  A snippet with all pertinent cells is attached.
Bill GoldenExecutive Managing MemberAsked:
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pls try

=IF($Q$11<>""," "&LEFT($Q$11,FIND("",$Q$11,FIND(", ",$Q$11)+3))&" ","You must enter a the Company's City and State in Q11!")

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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

not sure I completely understand what you want to achieve, but if you want to plug the result of the second formula into the IF statement of the first formula, then maybe

=IF($Q$11<>""," "&LEFT($Q$11,FIND("",$Q$11,FIND(", ",$Q$11)+3))&" ","You must enter a the Company's City and State in Q11!")

cheers, teylyn
Bill GoldenExecutive Managing MemberAuthor Commented:
Thanks, both solutions work perfectly because they were identical.  I do stop and examine each correct answer to learn, albeit somewhat slowly, how to do this myself.

Working on this project helps get through the chemo and radiation treatments. Some of you will never know how much EE has meant to me during this difficult time.

Thanks again!
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